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Maintenance Request

Maintenance Request Information

We ask that you report all maintenance through the MRI Property Connect App.

As a tenant, you have a responsibility to advise us of any maintenance concerns within three days otherwise you may be liable for the cost of the repairs following any damage.

Should your maintenance be urgent and during office hours, please report through the MRI Property Connect App and call or email us immediately.






  • Step 1 - First "Add a Maintenance Description" by entering a title to the job and a description
  • Step 2 - Next image and videos can be added to the job by tapping the camera + button, then selecting from camera, video, video library and image library
  • Step 3 - Then review and edit the job, before tapping "Submit"

Once you have submitted a maintenance issue using the app, you will receive a confirmation email with the details of your request.

If the request progresses, you will also receive emails to advise what is happening, when tradespeople have been assigned, which tradespeople will be attending to the job etc.

You can also check the status of the job at any time either on the app or web portal and view past requests. 



Please contact your property manager direct on their mobile and leave a message or text message

Property Manager - Meagan 0434 679 902
Property Manager - Ro 0401 959 848


What Is Classified As Urgent Maintenance?

Electricity, gas, a functioning refrigerator (if provided to the property), sewerage and hot water.

Arrangement for repairs that are necessary for the supply or restore of an essential service as mentioned above, must be made with a suitable repairer within 24 hours… the work does not have to be completed within 24 hours.


How To Avoid Unnecessary Call Outs & Charges

No Power
· Have you contacted your power company?  There may be a fault in the neighbourhood.  Western Power can be contacted on 13 13 51
· Have you checked with your neighbour? If it’s a block of units/apartments then it may be a strata issue
· Have you checked the fuse box? There may be an overload and the safety switch needs to be reset or a new fuse wire installed for the old ceramic fuses
· Have you checked that one of your appliances is not faulty? Please unplug all appliances in the house (physically unplug everything) and rest the safety switch in the fuse box.

Useful videos to determine what power fault you may have:

No Hot Water

Firstly, you need to check to see if your hot water system is gas or electric.

· Have you checked to see if the pilot light has gone out? Most units can be easily relit
· Is the gas turned on at the main gas meter box?
· If you have gas bottle supply, are the cylinders empty?

· Have you checked that the hot water switch is turned on?
· Have you checked the fuse in the meter box?


I’ve Locked My Keys Inside The House!

Should this happen after business hours you may contact a locksmith directly, however you are responsible for the payment of the invoice.  If you lock your keys inside during business hours, you may contact your Property Manager and use our office set of keys however they are to be returned to the office within the hour.


There’s Been a Storm!

Please contact your Property Manager and if there has been any damage to the property, please do not hesitate to contact SES (State Emergency Services) on 1300 130 039 if you need any help.

Please remember if there are any burst water pipes, please turn off the water at the mains and if there is any electrical damage, please turn the power off at the mains .

Do not touch any broken or fallen power lines, call Western Power on 13 13 51 immediately.


How to Detect for a Leak

Leaks can be extremely wasteful and costly. It is important that you look in the kitchen, bathrooms(s) and laundry for dripping taps, leaking washing machine and dishwasher connections.  Damp patches on the walls may also indicate a leak.  Outside, check outdoor garden taps/hoses, reticulation including sprinklers (test all stations to ensure that when it is coming on that one of the sprinkler heads isn’t missing and water is gushing out.

To conduct a leak detection test, please follow these simple steps:
1.  Ensure no water is being used in your house (turn off all water appliances, such as washing machines and evaporative air conditioners).. 

2.  Read the black and red numbers of your water meter (normally located out the front of the property). Record the black numbers from left to right.  The black numbers represent kilometres (1,000 litres) and red numbers present litres.

3.  If the dial is not visibly moving, take another reading after 15 minutes however ensure that you or anyone else in your household is not using any water from the property. I.e. don’t use the toilet, reticulation, taps, anything water related while waiting to read the meter.
4.  If the red numbers have changed, the test confirms there is a leak and further investigation is needed. If a leak is noted, it is essential that you provide us with the full numbers (black and red) from the beginning of the test and the end of the test including the time between readings.

Preferred Contractors

· Plumber – Fortis Plumbing - 0467 214 894
· Electrician – Bara Electrical – 0408 950 338
· Locksmith – Elite Lock Service – 1300 139 511

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